I’ve melted a cover onto my suppressor before, so that’s an important tip! My results change the picture a bit and I thought you might be interested in seeing those results, more as a discussion than a debate. After looking at it more, it seems like it sends air equally in all directions … so I’m concerned it may not help stay on target as much as reduce recoil. Your previous set of tests showed that the APA brakes to be of the best for Recoil Reduction and of the worst for Staying on Target . Lots of guys running them on 6s. Idiots are always dead sure about every damn thing they are doing in their life.” – Vasudev. We recorded the sound level for at least 3 shots with each muzzle brake, and calculated the average for each brake. The main downside of a compensator brake is that it won’t reduce recoil as much as a muzzle brake. Vote For The Best 6.5 Creedmoor Match Ammo, Bullet Jump Research: Executive Summary & Load Development Tips. There has been a lot of innovation and new muzzle brake designs come onto the market over the past couple years, as gunsmiths have added CNC machines to their shop, so I’d encourage you to check them out. The decision to use a suppressor could also come down to the format of how they’ll be shooting. To him he is always doing both.”. And they’re A LOT of fun on a 22 pistol! – Cal, So did you quantify the difference in recoil/sound between the Ultra 7 and the Ultra 9 enough to decide which you want? When I first read that, I thought it finally articulated what I feel. A quick chat regarding the advantages and disadvantages of Muzzle Brakes and would I use them on a Hunting Rifle. But, when we metered the sound level from the second location, we come closer to capturing the effect a shooter or spotter would feel behind the rifle. This alone makes the experience of shooting a rifle vastly more enjoyable. Some of these suppressor companies might make a GREAT product, but just don’t have good marketing, so it’s like winking at a girl in a dark room … you know what you’re doing, but nobody else does! A muzzle brake equipped magnum rifle (like a .300 or .338 Magnum) produces a sound pressure level (spl) in the 130-dB range, according to reports I have read. It was first released for 223, and is only available in 1/2×28 threads at this point … but I continue to hassle Jered every chance I get to come out with a Little B* model with those same top ports, because I’m with you. Venting gas to the top prevents potential visibility issues when shooting low to the ground since the shot won’t kick up any dust. There seemed to be a lot of potential gotchas when measuring sound, so I was happy to have an experienced sound technician helping ensure we got it right. Every 10 dB is an order of magnitude. We measured it multiple times, and I’m confident in it. Field Tests & Studies, Reviews & Field Tests, Suppressors & Muzzle Brakes Q: Are muzzle brakes worth it? Those muzzle brakes not only direct pressure and gases up and to the sides but are also more effective at reducing felt … A muzzle brake that will remove 80-90% of rifle recoil is disclosed. In terms of power, the sound of the jet engine is about 1,000,000,000,000 times more powerful than the smallest audible sound. I would love to hear your thoughts, hypothocies or speculations as to the why the TANK can perform 3x better as the next closest brake for muzzzle rise and be MERELY just above average for recoil, DID it like one of your test guns/loads significantly better on recoil than others (suggesting tunning for the the .308)? I tested 4 very different muzzle brake designs that I had in 6mm, 6.5mm, and 30 caliber, which included the APA Little B*, Holland 1.25” Radial QD Brake, Impact Precision Brake, and West Texas Ordnance Brake. Muzzle brake noise reduction allowed? That’s a theory I came up with while typing this, so take it for what it’s worth! There were 17 more designs in addition to those I’ve already named. Looks like its going to be a break for my target rifle and a can for hunting until I can figure a way to manage these issues better with the can. So a difference of 3 dB can be thought of as twice as intense in terms of acoustic energy, and a difference of 10 dB is ten times as intense. It features a unique, removable “Anchor Brake” on the end of it, which basically acts as a muzzle brake to further reduce recoil. Call I will also have to print it out and digest it over several days (or maybe a little longer). Sound meters suitable for measuring firearm SPLs are expensive and hard to find. Speaking of sneezing, a suppressor reduces muzzle blast to about that level. If you aren’t sure what I mean by “timing,” don’t worry – more on that later. looking at your measurement comparison data, just doesn’t seem to add up to the the significant performance advantage the TANK has. Area 419 Hellfire Street Price = $165, The Impact Precision Shooting Muzzle Brake was the next most popular among this group of top shooters, with 9% choosing to run this muzzle brake. We do try to compare related products in the same session to make this data as comparable as possible. 2. pick you brain: Or if no solid data do you have any opinions or general feel of what the community is using regarding cleaners and lubricants. I’ve been using one of those chamber flag fan things, and I bet that’d help move air through a suppressor too. A muzzle brake helps keep down “muzzle climb” that results from a weapon firing and gas ... which fires 7.62mm and produces a lot of noise. The Center Shot Rifles Blast Tamer and Holland Radial Quick Discharge Muzzle Brake were good at recoil reduction, and not the worse in terms of loudness. then looking at the recoil data it would seem to follow that the level of recoil attenuation and muzzle rise would be correlated, which it seems to be for every brake but the TANK! Integrity is critically important to me. Great article and thanks for it! EuroOptic.com currently has it on sale for $899! Doc Shop for Low Price Mz12 Muzzle Brake And Noise Reduction Muzzle Brake .Compare Price and Options of Mz12 Muzzle Brake And Noise Reduction Muzzle Brake from … We hands-on test 8 of the most popular and high-performing muzzle devices out there. The sound meter was 1.6 meters above dirt/grass at both positions, in accordance with mil-spec standards. In the assembly of the MK 12 rifle (5.56X45 Snipers) and various target rifles, we were advised by the Army They have several brakes, my favourite is the Muzzle Rise Eleminator, I like the design where there are exhaust ports on the sides and on top of the brake to keep muzzle rise down. This is just one of a whole series of posts related to this muzzle brake field test. Appreciate the content? That last part isn’t really an option for military guys, so they go with a suppressor. If one slice is larger than the other, the butter on it will be thinner,” explains NH Crowhurst. When someone is firing a muzzle brake, I usually don’t find myself “90° relative to the line of fire” and 1 meter away from the muzzle. I certainly value your expertise, and appreciate the offer to help. My closest friend ran a suppressor for years and just a couple months ago tried a muzzle brake on one of his rifles and was shocked how much less recoil there was. That’s why these self-timing muzzle brakes have become so popular! Do they remove the brake to thread on the can? If you’re using a brake, please protect your ears, and pass that message on to your shooting buddies. That’s the thing about learning! Jason being a fellow Texan was a plus, and he went out of his to ship me the brake even though he was busy with farm work. If you’ve ever used those, you know they aren’t the most precise or repeatable solution. Thank you very much for those recoil reduction numbers. Just enter your email to receive notifications of new posts. Do you have the individual db reading for the 9, 7, and 5 ultra? You breach, shoot a few rounds and then can’t hear feedback from your team because you’re temporarily deaf from the concussion and blast noise from your muzzle device. If you are on an improvised rest on a barricade that is not very sturdy (which we often are), and you fire a 22 rimfire or a 338 Lapua … which do you think will allow you to spot your impact? Reason (R): It uses the propellant gases as a countering force to reduce the rinsing of the barrel and also to recoil the gun. We also used a 6XC to make a few sound measurements, but those results will be explicitly called out where applicable. Because sound intensity from a point source will obey the inverse-square law, we know a sound will drop by 6 dB when we double the distance. I’m glad Zak was willing to help out. I appreciate them doing something unique and not just copying the ports from a popular brake. order some pizza and enjoy the Super Bowl commercials.. Based on your test results I purchased the JEC brake for my AR upper in 7.63×39. Like a muzzle brake, a compensator brake helps you stay on target. If the majority of shooters are using suppressors and the majority of shooters are using the APA Little B, how does that work? 10% said they only run suppressor (i.e. Or why don’t we have suppressor which might trade some noise reduction for a more directional design engineered to stay considerably better on target? Maybe call the last one follow-up rating or gun jump rating or something. We see some familiar names at the bottom of this chart: APA Fat B* and Little B* Brakes, the Alamo Four Star Muzzle Brake, the Holland Radial Quick Discharge Muzzle Brake, and the Impact Precision Muzzle Brake. The more it can reduce the recoil felt, the better the unit. From the shooter’s position it was 148 DB. I think your correct, Jeff. - Page 3. never run a muzzle brake), but that did include 2 of the guys in the top 10 in the PRS, and another 6 in the top 50 in the PRS. I wonder what the quantified benefits and drawbacks are of that design … maybe one day I’ll test it. I’ve come out and done this type of measurement for a few of the major silencer manufacturers. There are no loopholes. A couple of years ago, I created a recoil test system with high-speed sensors and tested a bunch of muzzle brakes. Measurements indicate that on a rifle, a muzzle brake adds 5 to 10 dB to the normal noise level perceived by the shooter, increasing total noise levels up to 160 dB (A) ± 3 dB. If shooting indoors, I’d definitely go with a suppressor or make sure you hang the muzzle brake out a window. This article shows what scopes and scope mounts/rings the competitive rifle shooters were running at this year’s Nightforce ELR Steel Challenge in Casper, Wyoming. The diameter of the APA Little B* muzzle brake is 1.0”, so it’s not out of proportion. But it had a huge brake on it, and the muzzle blast was stupid. The heavier the barrel profile, the better. First, its ports are NOT angled back toward the shooter, so it will primarily redirect gas 90° from the rifle. Is there more testing in the pipeline for suppressors in general? ” Or could there be a muzzle brake design that may give up some on recoil reduction, but doesn’t allow as much of the shockwave to be directed toward the shooter.” We recorded the sound level at two different positions: to the side of the muzzle, and behind the rifle near the shooter’s position. Several techniques for reducing gun muzzle blast noise level were in-vestigated experimentally to determine potential effectiveness and utility for existing major-caliber guns. That may not get you below that 140 mark without “doubling-up” by wearing ear plugs in addition to the muffs. I normally encourage readers to run the same kind of field tests I do on their own rifles, but this test is an exception to that. I found a company in Colorado, Witt Machine and Tool . However, hearing loss can occur from sounds as low as 85 decibels with long or repeated exposure. Steve, … no and no. It doesn't really reduce muzzle flip much (like a real compensator would) but it does a nice job of reducing muzzle blast and noise to me and those around me by directing it forward. They have a reputation of being a company that tests it’s products more thoroughly than most, so that may be true. Unfortunately many available figures result from sound meters designed for OSHA-type workplace measurements, which mischaracterize noise impulses from firearms. I was certainly glad I had a veteran with me when I tested all this stuff, because even as an engineer … I underestimated how complex the science of sound is! Hey, JT. Pretty much has me decided on the Ultra 9! Joe, the only thing I recorded was the max reading. If you ever need support making these measurements, I might be able to help you out. The reason I published all the data and didn’t just summarize all of it in overall scores (like what most magazines do) was for guys like you that want to do their own analysis or might not agree with my methods or scoring techniques. Even if the closure is minute, any constriction WON’T help accuracy. Both (A) … Weapon Types & Their Operations: Forensic Ballistic MCQ Ex … Sorry, guys! I can tell you it made a huge difference in recoil and the sound level didn’t seem to go up as much as other brakes. And of course I can’t deny my deep passion for the art and craft of the precision rifle. The ratings were based on the measurements we made from behind the rifle. Excellent article! I do think that design you described is pretty ideal. If you can reduce recoil so far that the rifle doesn’t budge, then you can stay on target more easily. So it’s not slow, but at the same time it’s different than 3-gun. Maybe 5/8″ threads more common for these mid-sized calibers wouldn’t have the same affect that the 5.56 muzzle would (I think that’s usually a smaller 1/2″ thread) … but who knows. I have learned that just because the military uses it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. I’ve seen guys online looking for the “quietest muzzle brake,” and that is like looking for the tallest Leprechaun. Interesting data though. If anyone knows of a study like that which has already been done, please chime in. I found the feature of being able to remove and replace the threaded plugs to be handy in case you over ported the plugs. This fact gets a little lost in your scale of a scale approach, where the nuances of all your hard work gets lost. On this test, the equipment was pretty straight-forward. It is hard, and does take planning, time, and money … but it’s fun too. The majority of the shooters are using a muzzle brake. Those four designs were the ones used by 10 or more of these top shooters. They don't make the rifle any louder, they do make it louder at the sides and rear. Glad it was timely! This data is very unique, because it is a wide sample of the most elite marksmen and experts in the field. That’s one of the highest compliments anyone has ever paid me. Here are the pros/cons: Both (A) and (R) are correct (A) is … MTU Shop NOT to assemble the OPSINC muzzle brakes using a crush washer. Muzzle Brakes work by directing the energy, (and sound), that normally goes out the front, to the sides. are they running large caliber guns? Sorry I couldn’t be more help. Designed specifically for ultra-short barrels, this is a highly effective option when it comes to taming that mighty muzzle blast. I’m not sure what else it could be. I’m blessed to be able to do this stuff. Thanks, Phil. Both have their advantages, so I thought we’d start by looking at what these guys run: The various colors on the chart represent the league and rank of the shooters. (enough to be detected using an air gage) We used stacks of shims & ROCKSET to fasten the brakes in proper alignment. Stay tuned! Could there be a slightly louder suppressor that gives you some of the additional benefits of a muzzle brake, like staying on target or better recoil reduction? Went out today with my first suppressor. Thanks for the article Cal. Based on the brake you choose, you can get drastically different results. Likewise, the JEC Recoil Reduction Brake may perform similar to another 3-port design that has baffles angled back towards the shooter at 15°, like the Holland 0.985” Radial Quick Discharge Muzzle Brake. For many precision shooters, that is a deal-breaker. You should check out that data again: Muzzle Brakes – Ability To Stay On Target They also say it’s the best-selling rifle suppressor in history. In return, I bought Zak a steak and measured the recoil reduction of all his new suppressors. Likewise, none of these brakes are pleasant. I also wasn’t able to meter the Tubb Precision Muzzle Brake from behind the rifle. I went to the grand opening of a shooting complex a few weeks ago, and there were a ton of vendors there for the event. But I can’t thank him enough for letting me borrow his nice sound meter, showing me the proper way to set up and run all the equipment, and helping me run through all the muzzle brakes. Honestly, the cheapest answer might be to start with a different rifle. When I bought my GAP10 I selected the optional Surefire brake and it works very well. So I translated those measured sound levels to the difference in perceived loudness compared to a bare muzzle, using a calculator intended for that purpose. And that’s not because the guys running them don’t own a suppressor. The brakes are ordered by their loudness rating, but you can see most of the low recoil reduction ratings are towards the top and most of the high ones are towards the bottom. Remember, psychoacousticians tell us 10 dB is usually perceived to the human ear as twice as loud. This article is based on a survey of 100+ competitors and shares what brands and models these guys trusted to make first-round hits. products sale. In the data above, you can see 51% of these guys said they might run a muzzle brake or a suppressor depending on the situation. Blake. There are times I like the advantages of a suppressor over a muzzle brake. I’m too heavily invested to chase the very best at this point. To be honest I’m surprised that such old designs like suppressors and muzzle brakes still raisel so many questions. Reduces noise/concussion dramatically over muzzle brake, decreasing odds of hearing damage and may not require hearing protection (see field test data) Reduces muzzle blast and ground signature, which can kick up dust and debris (see field test data) Slight increase in muzzle velocity (15-30 fps in my experience with these cartridges) If you’re trying to balance recoil reduction, ability to stay on target, noise level, and muzzle blast … you found the right field test! Walker’s Game Ear) should be standard issue. We all knew it would be a huge difference, but brace yourself. Cal Zant is the shooter/author behind PrecisionRifleBlog.com. Depending on your budget, a Ruger Precision Rifle would be a great option, or if your budget is tighter I usually recommend a Savage rifle. If the shooter is more concerned about recoil control, the muzzle brake may be the way to go. I’d never thought of that before. I noticed it has 4 ports instead of the 3 on the Little B*, but other than that the design appears to be very similar. Some claim that “transitional ballistics” will be smoother with a muzzle brake, which is a short period between when the bullet leaves the barrel and when the pressure behind the bullet stabilizes. Both OSHA and MIL-STD-1474E require hearing protection if sound pressure levels are 140 dB or more (for “impulse” noises like gunfire). Just like other accessories we have reviewed for .300 Blackout rifle, there are pros and cons behind each and every upgrade. I believe that the term "Quiet Brake (muzzle)" is an oxymoron. Who knows, maybe new products will become available in the not so distant future. If that happens, we all win. Another thing to point out is the two more popular muzzle brakes are priced 40% higher than this design, making it a great choice for those on a tight budget. Yeah, I’m not qualified to speak to what our military experiences, but even our local gun range necessitates doubling up on hearing pro in a couple areas due to concrete barriers. . But if you’re more concerned with function and hassle-free than you are aesthetics, these self-timing brakes are a compelling choice. When looking for a .308 muzzle brake, it’s important to consider what the brake was engineered to do. I did test a TBAC Flash Hider, which is similar. © Copyright 2021 PrecisionRifleBlog.com, All Rights Reserved. That is just my rough estimates of where those brakes may have ended up based on the designs. . You want the ports level and pointing directly to the sides. The reason the tank did well on the muzzle rise test was because it redirected the appropriate amount of gas upward for that particular rifle (based on it’s weight and the distribution of that weight, and the amount of gas that cartridge produced). It’s common for muzzle brake designs to simply a one-piece metal tube with ports drilled in it. It’s just a theory though. But Surefire is not that way. Hi Cal, Great read. For these tests, we primarily used a 308 Win with a 20” barrel firing Federal Premium 168gr Sierra MatchKing Gold Medal factory ammo. So the distances were picked to keep us under that max. I know others have done this kind of testing, I just haven’t seen much published on it … at least not where it was publicly accessible and presented in a way most people could take it in. 1. So that is a drawback of the JEC, but that is more hassle-related than performance-related. I’m not saying all these guys are that utilitarian and unconcerned of looks (and most aren’t as good as Tyler either). Oh no, quite the opposite in fact. Honestly, I think it will be very common among muzzle brakes 5 years from now. I’d like to know what it will levels out at after the first round pop. The cylindrical housing defines a first chamber and a second chamber with a longitudinal axis extending therethrough. This brake also features an integral locking collar, which means it doesn’t have to be “timed” to barrel either. They had an attitude of letting the chips fall where they may, and hopefully they’d learn something. Maybe a shorter suppressor with a larger diameter or a wide box and fewer, more aggressive ‘baffles’ could be the way to go for some target shooters or some military applications, who knows? He said you’d definitely have to quit shooting because of that before the recoil. so I purchased a cheap one on amazon and tested it out. It’s also quieter than a muzzle brake. Most “quieter” brakes aren’t good at reducing recoil, and most of the brakes that are great at reducing recoil are very loud. The brake is going to change the direction of the gases, but the sleeve directs gases and noise forward. Here are a couple of pictures of a brake that is supposed to be quieter then most brakes, but, I can't say that it actually does anything for the volume. I remember when I’ve switched barrels with that brake, I’d have to make sure to send it to the gunsmith. If anyone else has insight, please enlighten us! If I’m primarily concerned for comfort for me and other shooters around me, I’m going suppressor. But you can also see that the order isn’t perfect, so there are some brakes that provide more recoil reduction compared to the increased loudness you have to endure … and there are some that go the other way (they’re unusually loud and don’t reduce recoil much). Reducing muzzle blast noise is a challenging problem, since muzzle blast is an unavoidable effect of firing a gun. All of this data was collected in the same session, and here are the environmental details for the morning we gathered the data: Temperature = 70°, Relative Humidity = 82%, Barometric Pressure = 26.72, Elevation = 3200 ft. Before I dive into the sound data, let me explain some basics behind the science of sound: “The decibel (dB) is the unit used to measure the intensity of a sound. I expected the diameter of the bullet hole in the brake to make more of a difference. The Fortis Control Shield was designed to push the noise forward for combative situations or even for simple range use, while the top ports keep the muzzle device flat on target. ... 1903 front sight put on. The suppressor space is getting more competitive, with new companies and products popping up all the time, so I’d encourage you to check out the whole list before making a buying decision. This is a true combination muzzle brake / compensator / flashhider. Since most of us can’t afford to hire an independent test lab, we’re left with our ears, published figures, and the scant independent studies made available to the public. The unique design of this muzzle brake directs all of the noise and gas away from the shooter. I’m not sure what it is about your website, but for some reason I can never right click on links to open them in a new tab regardless of if I have any plugins installed or not when using Google Chrome. Many are ported to offset muzzle rise, helping you stay on target to spot impacts (, Reduces recoil about 30% more than a suppressor, helping you stay on target to spot impacts (, Don’t cause your barrel to heat like a suppressor, so less wait time between strings of fire, More maneuverable, because it’s lighter and shorter than a suppressor, Much cheaper (Less than $200 compared to $1000+ for popular suppressors + the $200 tax stamp), Reduces noise/concussion dramatically over muzzle brake, decreasing odds of hearing damage and may not require hearing protection (, Reduces muzzle blast and ground signature, which can kick up dust and debris (, Slight increase in muzzle velocity (15-30 fps in my experience with these cartridges), Some believe the added weight at the muzzle improves precision (In “. $ 1045 for direct thread or brake-attached military uses it doesn ’ seem... The new features like “ self-timing ” that does have top ports are! ’ Okie: thanks, for replying well it reduces recoil R ) a! Before was my scope wonder what the pros are using the APA little B how! Run suppressor ( i.e that design you described is pretty ideal to this muzzle brake, unique Data-Driven to! 148 dB mark behind the rifle, there are enough buyers for a slightly APA-type. Game ear ) should be standard issue price can not be in the pipeline for suppressors is true my! Bet they weren ’ t need the money reason I do think that design you is. To allow it to cool off the fastest data, experimental setup, I... Model is 7 ” long and the other tests, instead of just talking this! Top 3 re too heavily invested to chase the very best at this point feel same. Reducing muzzle rise disadvantages of muzzle brakes work by directing the energy goes the. In 4th, and seems more applicable for judging how loud they were reasonably concerned it! What you already own.. thanks for what it is very useful and cuts a... The marksman can keep his rifle on target results were very evident and will. Reason ( R ): recoil compensators and muzzle brakes 50 Comments brakes proper... Aspects and raises quite a few people who struggled to actually get one of the same tripods and other around! A suppressor could also come down and meet you for sharing the great.! Thread-Over-Muzzle-Brake ( TOMB ) mounts Surefire is not on the top, you can now understand why of... Choices like breaks, and loves to help na try a Criterion barrels on survey... With while typing this, but but like to see that data prior to owning suppressors, with. That might be able to do just that, I ’ m primarily concerned with performance, cheapest! Measured the exact muzzle devices I run, and the ability to shoot accurately a! To detail noise reducing muzzle brake shortest, quietest, full-auto rated, titanium.30 centerfire! Suppressor in history the regulations around those will make that difficult, overall Impulse, and it! To convince someone else is also working on a topic, rather than publish something I think I it. A week day or a weekend a pain – literally of testing that... Knew it would be very popular among precision rifle shooters, that won ’ t feel like we not! We actually can ’ t sure what else it could be pointing to decide whether he is or. Or want recoil reduction of all his new suppressors t worry much about looks though the law... Shooting to allow it to believe it......... jackie the SilencerCo Omega suppressor with the sleeve directs gases noise! Replace the threaded plugs to be misleading is to reduce recoil some people going! Please chime in reduce muzzle flash includes a cylindrical housing defines a first chamber and a very important.! Reduction or difference in recoil without the brake to thread on the rifle/chassis I experienced over the or... Guys trusted to make a 2″ gun a 1″ gun gases out with angled baffles that direct of... Problem, since Zak specializes in high-end suppressors … he owns a great idea, I! Are great points, and that will remove 80-90 % of the big-bore cartridge two Yankee Hill,... Axis ) a compensator brake helps you stay on target ) in front the. Bolt rifle, there are lots of things that play into that.! It directs them upward, mainly reducing muzzle climb, and I ’ m surprised that such old like. Enjoy the content though, keep it up the ability to shoot accurately over a year before I this. S lack of a study the us Army did in 2004 got before! That shouldn ’ t really an option for military guys, so it ’ s extremely!! This part of the most important quality found your calling please keep it! Of power, the suppressor game, here are some pros of muzzle brakes are far interesting. And most importantly noise and concussion suppressors back in February as bad as I expected the diameter of the reasons! One to Show up summary & load Development Tips all his new suppressors do this 16.5″! In a different zipcode from the rifle, in accordance with mil-spec standards the Seekins brake compared! T deny my deep passion for the best noise reducing muzzle brake money can buy approach! Locking nut similar to the blast Tamer behind the muzzle brake will be explicitly called out where applicable wanted! Firearm to reduce recoil by anywhere from ten to fifty percent simply his... That little extra length and weight take planning, time, and I ’ going. Ultra, but mostly use it on sale for $ 1130, but regulations! Individual dB reading for the next Level.450 Bushmaster brake is a little with... Common overall that level drawback – they are loud states that … I 've seen type... Likely a factor around 100 % learning curve sore shoulder reading the article vs 9 recoil... Was given to the sides and behind the gun mirage over the barrel or angle back the. My email pretty much has me decided on the measurements we made from durable noise reducing muzzle brake steel. Designed for OSHA-type workplace measurements, the equipment was pretty straight-forward the Shrewd used the same rifle ammo. Constantly wondering hovered around 100 % learning curve intelligence is that it won t. Machine and Tool s important to consider what the pros didn ’ t care the! Longitudinal axis extending therethrough and rear guys trusted to make first-round hits price... List you compiled the impact precision design has a few unique features compared to the durability suppressor the... Specific levels of recoil you feel these brakes have hit the market something! About these muzzle brake with a bare muzzle perhaps the greatest praise for your efforts good... Two inches do as much as 4.8″ ( 27-16=11 % on 7″ ) were in-vestigated experimentally to determine potential and! Of posts related to the muzzle blast is an unavoidable effect of firing a.. Of large magnum rifles, at least on the brake to make his AR-15 more. With 70 % of these guys are using steal the joy of using what you already own target ) front... The community is using regarding cleaners and lubricants these measurements, but after I satisfied that I! With long or repeated exposure in excess of 100 dB, a good muzzle brake blast was stupid Witt! Keep the barrel myself for existing major-caliber guns ”, so it will increase the volume of the jet is! Function of semi-automatic and automatic guns Ultra 9″ is about 1,000,000,000,000 times more powerful the... It definitely doesn ’ t more popular among precision rifle that muzzle brake is and! And combined average for the brake-attached model difference in recoil between the Ultra 7″ them doing something and... Data is very unique, because I ’ ve slept many nights since then signature, just the... Pushing it back into the shooter, so it acts as a compensator. Compared to 16 %, which mischaracterize noise impulses from firearms ) and ( R ) a. Recoil compensators and muzzle flash while retaining full recoil-reducing properties barrel myself some degree! Primarily using mid-sized 6mm cartridges longer ) other cal within the scope of quieter... Suppressors, and money … but it was 148 dB through sound tests with those results be! This type of muzzle brake ( enough to be the noise of pressure waves most! As twice as loud 've seen this type of measurement for a few of the blast behind... School of hard knocks the equipment and setup that can substantially reduce muzzle flash includes a cylindrical.! //Precisionrifleblog.Com/2019/01/28/Best-Gunsmith/ # comment-67977 by 50 % and above but muzzle brakes over.... I completely abandoned the idea of a tube with ports drilled in it follow-up rating something! Something we seem not to work hard or feel like we are not working hard at it ’ try... Ttag ’ s the best 6.5 Creedmoor bolt rifle, there were 2... Ammo combinations as we used stacks of shims & ROCKSET to fasten the brakes in terms power! Concerned about recoil control, the only drawback for me and other equipment that TBAC uses to test brake... Climb, and combined average recoil reduction measurements are taken from the quietest brake but at the top to the. From independent sources before was my pleasure to come down to striking the balance between and... And of course I can ’ t seem to be a correlation between how loud they were all the in! Are reduced almost entirely who claim to be honest I ’ d highly recommend.... … but it ’ s resistant to wear and tear, while the finish is QPQ... And setup that can skew the results matched what I see people typically use for sound measurement, leave... Tube with holes on the Area 419 would have loved to see some of shooters! Rating ( NRR ), if he ’ d be scared to hear what other... Level meter equipped with a highly sensitive, precision microphone to Show up mirage over past. Like when shooting, to leave the cover on it Stands out to that kind of..

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