Après la détection de malwares généralisée pour toutes les pages indexées par Google qui avait fait trembler le web durant de longues minutes il y a quelques jours de cela voici que c’est au tour de Gmail de donner des sueurs froides aux internautes …. If you'd rather not clear all of your cookies, you could first try removing only those cookies related to the site you're getting the 502 error on. Start a new browser session by closing all open browser windows and then opening a new one. A 502 Bad Gateway Error means that the web server you’ve connected to is acting as a proxy for relaying information from another server, but it has gotten a bad response from that other server. [MAJ 23h15] J’ai pour ma part à nouveau accès à l’interface Web de Gmail. For similar reasons as mentioned above with cached files, clearing stored cookies could fix a 502 error. If the 502 error no longer appears when running your browser in Safe Mode, you know that some browser extension or setting is the cause of the problem. Cela fonctionne bien sur mon portable samsung . User does not permission to report was the result of trying to get to a bookmarked URL in Analytics without first logging in. While the 502 Bad Gateway error is usually indicating a networking error outside of your control, it could be extremely temporary. The Google 502 error tells users that they have encountered a “temporary error” and that their request could not be completed. Clear your browser's cache. When Google services, like Google Search or Gmail, are experiencing a 502 Bad Gateway, they often show Server Error, or sometimes just 502, on the screen. Unless you've previously changed them, the DNS servers you have configured right now are probably the ones automatically assigned by your ISP. The network logon failed. - Un ralentissement du fonctionnement de Windows peut intervenir, notamment pour ce qui concerne les com… Return your browser settings to default and/or selectively disable browser extensions to find the root cause and permanently fix the problem. Possible reasons: - upstream server is unreachable - upstream server is currently being upgraded - upstream server is down Please contact your ZCS administrator to fix the problem Powered by Nginx-Zimbra:// >>>> ou bien la tentative de connexion se … An HTTP Error 502.1 - Bad Gateway error refers to a CGI application timeout problem and is better to troubleshoot as a 504 Gateway Timeout issue. 502 Bad Gateway errors are completely independent of your particular setup, meaning that you could see one in any browser, on any operating system, and on any device. L'affichage d'un message d'erreur HTTP 502 s'accompagne généralement de plusieurs symptômes : - La fermeture de la fenêtre des programmes actifs lors de l'apparition du message d'erreur. Gmail 502 error, Google error 502 happening right now simply means your mail, google account is temporarily unavailable. Cliquez sur le bouton Actualiser / Recharger en haut de votre navigateur. Your email address will not be published. Dans la plupart des cas, il suffit de recharger la page. Gmail 502 error, Google error 502 happening now: What to do. Delete your browser's cookies. Is Google Drive Down... or Is It Just You? Some temporary issues with your computer and how it's connecting to your network could be causing 502 errors, especially if you're seeing the error on more than one website. The 502 Bad Gateway error is often a network error between servers on the internet, meaning the problem wouldn't be with your computer or internet connection. The order you turn off these devices isn't particularly important, but be sure to turn them back on from the outside in. Start your browser in Safe Mode: Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer. A simple restart of the browser program itself could solve the problem. Tim Fisher has 30+ years' professional technology support experience. Trying the page again will often be successful. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Get the Latest Tech News Delivered Every Day, Lifewire uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Et j'ai aucun retour que le message (n'a pas été envoyé ou autre). Issues with your modem, router, switches, or other networking devices could be causing 502 Bad Gateway or other 502 errors. Some Bad Gateway errors are caused by temporary issues with DNS servers. Required fields are marked *. Connection is refused. … In these cases, a restart would help. And here is yet another variation. These errors generally resolve themselves within a few minutes, so please wait a bit before trying to log in again.”. Une panne Gmail provoque une erreur 500 chez les utilisateurs de la messagerie Google. See How to Talk to Tech Support for tips on talking to your ISP about this problem. Si ceci permet de résoudre le problème, cela signifie que le serveur était temporairement saturé. However, since it is possible that there's something wrong on your end, here are some fixes to try: Try loading the URL again by pressing F5 or Ctrl+R (Command+R on a Mac) on your keyboard, or by selecting the refresh/reload button. Restart your computer. It's possible that the 502 error you received was due to an issue on your computer that occurred sometime during this use of your browser. A number of people are reporting a possible Google outage, with many saying that they are receiving a 502 Error when trying to use some of Google’s services. Check out that link above for more detailed help on restarting your equipment if you need it. #TopMembre Posté le ‎11-10-2017 8h45. <<<
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