While ByteDance and TikTok have improved their generation of revenue, it might be noted that creators’ share of TikTok revenue has been judged to be unsatisfactory – with money often taking some time to materialise. As of June 2019, it was estimated that there were 120 million monthly TikTok users in India. It took Facebook and Instagram almost a decade to get a user base that size; it seems TikTok really knew how to work the social media growth playbook. TikTok, naturally wanting to stay on side in its second-biggest market, banned the users. TikTok / Douyin took 200 days to develop and initially launched into China’s App market in September 2016 by parent company Bytedance; it racked up 100 million users in a year. Top 100 TikTok Users. Despite only being released in 2016, it was one of the most-downloaded apps of the 2010s. Douyin’s 22 million creators have earned a total of 41.7 billion yuan ($6.15 billion) over the past year. Do you think their growth is sustainable? GlobalWebIndex TikTok stats show that TikTok users are nearly as engaged in creating videos as they are in viewing them. Previous figures set Douyin’s monthly active user count at 300 million in June 2018, with 150 million of these logging into Douyin on a daily basis. TikTok has over 689 million monthly active users (MAU’s). India – 119.3mn users; USA – 39.6mn users; Turkey – 28.4mn users; Russia – 24.3mn users; Mexico – 19.7mn users; Brazil – 18.4mn users; Pakistan – 11.8mn users; Saudi Arabia – 9.7mn users; France – 9.1mn users; Germany – 8.8mn users Douyin kept its launch name in China, and now the twin apps are available in 141 countries, working in 39 languages via the App Store and Google Play. This was the lower end of its revenue target for the years. These are the most popular Users sorted by TikTok followers. 37.36% of America’s 267.6 million mobile internet users access TikTok at least once a month. 31-35 year olds outnumber 25-30 year olds, though not by a huge distance (26.1% to 24.8%). This came in the context of violent exchanges along a disputed border between the world’s two most-populous nations (and the fourth and seventh-largest). This is despite the fact that TikTok was in fact temporarily banned in the country, for two weeks in April 2019. Going back a little, the August 2018 merger with Musical.ly provided a substantial boost to active users of the platform – particularly in the US. Despite the hype surrounding the app, only 9% of US internet users had used the app, as of October 2019, with a further 5% stating an intention to use it. We know that Instagram in firth-place has 1 billion users. (Okay, fine: husky, dragon li, call duck). What percentage of Americans have used or plan to use TikTok as of December 2019? Before introducing the ads, TikTok revenue was generated from in-app purchases, such as emojis and digital gifts. It is expected that this will be contested in court. This not stop President Trump from issuing an executive order in August 2020 against any firms doing business with TikTok. TikTok is one of those apps that separates the old from the young – one of those which inspires a spate of explainer articles. The takeover and subsequent merging of Musical.ly and TikTok seems to have had a significant effect on daily usage of the app. Its very interesting to know which county have most of the TikTok user. In April 2019, WeChat was sued by a lawyer named Zhang Zhengxin under China’s anti-monopoly laws. Indeed, the time spent using short video apps has to come from somewhere – and time spent using WeChat is no doubt the richest seam for this precious resource…, Daily time spent on Douyin, vs other popular Chinese apps, September 2018 vs September 2019. Changing age demographics of Douyin Users in China. As of 2020, TikTok is one of the world’s best-loved apps (for those under a certain age at least), its success powered by some of the world’s most sophisticated AI. More recent stats are hard to come by. This is something of a blow for TikTok, with 56% of new users reportedly downloading the app after seeing videos shared on other platforms carrying the TikTok watermark. Allegations of inappropriate content can have serious repercussions in China: TikTok’s ByteDance stablemate Neihan Duanzi (a joke-sharing app) did not survive allegations of this nature. In Russia there is a slightly higher preponderance of iOS users, albeit still a relatively insignificant proportion. Recent gender demographics in 2020 show TikTok skews 60% of females, and 40% of males use the app worldwide. The metric used here is the proportion of monthly users who are daily users. Sounds simple enough, but it’s a wildly popular concept. This increased to 400 million monthly active users, and 200 million daily active users by November of the same year, according to Chinese media reports. China’s version, named Douyin, has over 600 million daily active users. According to Global Web Index TikTok stats (published in August 2019), Chinese Douyin users tend to be a little older than TikTok users from elsewhere. musically Created By Alex Zhu And Luyu Yang In 2014 (China) . Launching into China 2016, let’s have a look at the official number of Douyin active users: Sources: CNBC 1, CNBC 2, Statista, Backlinko, BankMyCell, WorldoMeters, SmartInsights. This came in the wake of a Congressional demand for an investigation into the app, over fears regarding information sharing with the Chinese government. We might bear in mind that this is slightly less pronounced than China’s birth ratio, which currently stands at 115:100 in favour of males. Out of 4.57 billion monthly active internet users, 28.22% use the video-sharing service by Bytedance, TikTok (15.07%), and Douyin (13.12%). This experience allows users to browse a curated library of age-appropriate videos, and today we're pleased to announce a partnership with … In the US, we accommodate users under 13 in a limited app experience, TikTok for Younger Users, which offers additional safeguards and privacy protections designed specifically for a younger audience. The FT reports that one 24-hour TikTok campaign ran by Guess logged a CTR of 16% compared to a 4% average. Challenges are, of course, par for the course for any app that aspires to dominance. The landscape here, then, is different. Country bans and attempted bans Douyin, China’s name for the app, became the most popular short video app in just 500 days. As with so many apps, India’s TikTok user base is heavy skewed male, a ratio not too far off being 10:1. Today you're going to see Tik Tok Most Popular Countries 2016-2020 ranking. According to Tencent Market Insight, cited by Sean Wang on Medium in May 2018, 82% of TikTok/Douyin users were looking for funny videos, with talent (56%) and daily life (54.1%) the next most popular categories. TikTok users are conscious of status, reveal Global Web Index stats. Toutaio was also temporarily removed from app stores in China after falling foul of censors. MarketingCharts TikTok data (March 2019) finds over 50% of TikTok users in the US are aged 18-34 – with a nearly even split between 18-24 year olds and 25-34 year olds. Brazil has been targeted by TikTok’s biggest domestic rival Kuaishou – known as Kwai in international markets. 68% of Chinese social media users use Douyin, and 59% of smartphone users, says ByteDance. India still leads by some distance, logging 190.6 million downloads. This list contains the top 50 accounts with the largest number of followers on the social media platform TikTok, which was previously merged with musical.ly. Selling merchandise or launching your own service/location/music etc. 64.73% of China’s 926.84 million social media users will log into TikTok (Douyin) at least once a day, says Bytedance. TikTok/Douyin active users: TikTok has 689 million monthly active users, whereas its twin Douyin (China’s version of TikTok) has 600 million daily active users. Q1 2020 has been rumoured to be the new target for a ByteDance IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. ByteDance’s revenue target for 2019 was to double this to $14.8 billion.