A collection of other miscellaneous class guides for Lord of the Rings Online. Really? I have actually posted two files: One is a PDF for general printing, and another is an Open Document Text (ODT) file in case you would like to edit it with LibreOffice or OpenOffice. Created Date: Same here; I'm having fun yellow-beorn'ing around lone lands lately. The warden is a fun class, but it is advanced. ". Quick Thrust: Melee: 5.2m: 1: Level 1 Builder - adds Spear icon while in In the Fray - Stance. The warden gambit chart shows all the gambits available to the warden class. Going back to a Warden and not remembering the gambits is a nightmare (might be speaking from personal experience). Wielding their mighty spears and deadly javelins, and clad in leather armor, these agile warriors are quick of foot, and determined opponents as capable of dealing damage as they are withstanding it. patience I do not possess. Stopped playing a bit after Mirkwood and just recently came back. It’s not quite as complicated as it sounds at first, though it does take either a good memory or a conveniently created gambit chart to remember the combos initially. The first is Shield-Bash, a blow with your shield that also has a chance to raise your block rating, is designated by a green shield icon in the gambit panel. Quick Toss: Ranged: 30m: 1: Level 1 Builder - adds Javelin icon while in Assailment - Stance. Yeah, that is the beauty of this game to me. shield for buffs both defense and morale regen..shout for aoe/dps and spear for bleeds and swipes. Official website for The Lord of the Rings Online™ with game. All Rights Reserved. I love warden. This works for solo but will be slow like Guardian. If youâre looking for a Lord of the Rings Online experience that involves more moment-to-moment action and less time spent managing skills, look here. It starts making much more sense if you set up your quickslots properly! I'm just starting to work the masteries into my rotations, so unlearning isn't too big of a deal for me. Right now I'm running spear, shield, fist on my 1, 2, 3 buttons. If you don't have enough slots, you can TRY the class on other servers, then just make a new one on your main server once you. LORD OF THE RINGS ONLINE WARDEN GAMBITS C M Y CM MY CY CMY K warden_gambit_chart.pdf 1 11-11-23 5:10 PM. About the Guide. Interestingly, the Warden's gameplay mechanics owe a debt to Tekken as much as to any Elf-lord. Hello everyone! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. A guide to the Warden's red line in the Lord of the Rings Online with an in depth trait analysis and DPS builds. 8 Shield/Spear Master; 9 Shield; 0 Spear/Shield Master; "-" (minus key) Gambit: Restoration, which will almost always fill your morale bar. It's pretty basic and shows a list of available gambits in the HUD. We also play with more Warden Gambits, and have a look at the decision of the best crafting profession for a LOTRO Warden to take. So I can literally face roll? A must-have, must-use ability for any Warden who wants to … Members. Copyright © 2020 Bright Hub PM. Lord of the Rings Online News Lotro blog - articles, news and videos ... the “idea is that a Warden will execute their abilities in certain sequences that eventually culminate in a special attack only available after completing the prescribed set of moves. Created Jan 12, 2010. Cheats and Tips for the Wii Version of Blazing Angels Squadrons of World War II, A Complete Guide to Team Tactics in FIFA 09 - Bayern Munich Squad - by John Sinitsky. He's not fast, but he is plenty sturdy. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. If you want a rewarding class thatâs flexible and distinctive, the Warden fits that bill too. Mostly mechanics, I somehow didn't really forget the gambit. The warden gambit chart shows all the gambits available to the warden class. The Lord of the Rings Online™ ... the Warden is very hard to play effectively with his gambit combo skills, so i don't recommend him unless you like playing games with key combo attacks. The Warden's main abilities are triggered by a new "gambit" system. This is a very extensive guide to the Warden class in the Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO). While they definitely come nowhere near classes such as Hunters and Runekeepers in their ranged damage abilities, they definitely have an advantage over much more melee concentrated classes like Guardians and Champions. Ambushes knock over the opponent, and provide an opening for the warden to perform a critical strike on their incapacitated adversary. The Warden is considered one of the most difficult classes in the Lord of the Rings Online to get started with. These deadly weapons can be used to pierce armour, take down a fleeing foe, or even execute an ambush on an enemy while out of combat. The action is then executed via the Gambit skill. The wardens of Middle Earth are the wary watchers of the wilderness, always at the ready to defend the Free Peoples from trolls, orcs, wolves, and whatever other nasty foes might be lurking just beyond the borders of civilized lands. Lord of the Rings Online ; Warden Gambit Guide Warden Gambit Guide. A Lord of the Rings Online Kinship - Hosted by Shivtr. In addition to a unique method of melee combat, and a decent arsenal of ranged skills, there’s a couple more perks to choosing to play a warden. LOTRO Warden Gambit Chart The chart presented here shows the special moves — gambits — available to the warden, a character class in Turbine's RPGMMO Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO). It was just too much to relearn after being away for a year. Warden: Gambits - Custom Page for the Kinship website for Durins Folk on the Landroval server of Lord of the Rings Online. It is also a detailed reference guide for all the Gambits in the game. But for real i would never set my shit up like that :D. Can you do the same thing for a Captain please? Otherwise, minor melee attack. The Warden represents a daring, versatile, and resilient new ally in the war against the Enemy. This is a plugin for Lord of the Rings Online. Gambits consist of three basic skills, often shortened to Spear, Shield, and Fist, which are utilized in different combinations to build the final maneuver. The goal of this LOTRO Basics quick tips series of guides is to help newer or returning players better understand their class and get started with them. This guide is for new players in The Lord of the Rings Online™ who're interested in playing a Warden. Title: warden_gambit_chart Author: Martin Krzywinski Subject: Chart of warden gambits. LOTRO Warden Tanking Guide by legofreak11 **Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape, or form the best Warden out there. Before continuing, I highly suggest players new to MMOs begin with reading another brief guide titled Eight Essential MMO Terms to help with any basic terminology questions. Beginning at level 26, wardens gain the ability to quickly muster to various “outposts” of Middle Earth – Ost Guruth, Esteldin, and Tinnundir are among the locations to which one can eventually swiftly travel. "=" key should be Defiant Challenge for when your friends draw aggro. Working on that muscle memory. LOTRO Gambits Plugin. By itself, Quick Thrust is simply a quick, unremarkable melee attack. Got advice or a link for setting them up? Not only do the wardens serve as nimble off-tanks, with careful applications of threat and defensive skills, they make for a strong main tank as well. These are special attacks and status effects triggered by firing off certain combination of moves in sequence. If the sequence of Tidbits does not match a Gambit that the Warden knows, the avalable Gambit will be the same as if he had only done a 2-icon Gambit. But after a while you will start to learn them. One of two classes introduced with the Mines of Moria expansion, and playable by elves, men, and hobbits, wardens are essentially a medium armor tank. improves the Warden's Triumph Gambit, causing it to do 30% more damage and increasing the duration of the DOT by 10 seconds. By Leah, May 27, 2009 in Lord of the Rings Online. When you click on a gambit from one of the three bars, the quickslots are filled with the gambit building skills needed to execute the gambit. MinstrelThe power of song will blast your foes away. An Interface customization community for the game Lord of the Rings Online The action is then executed via the Gambit … ... Bleeds are the Warden’s strongest ST gambits, thus this is a necessary trait for any DPS Warden. Using instruments, the Minstrel can beat your … The masters will be off cooldown by the time you've done the whole cycle again. The Way of the Shield line affects - you guessed it - all Shield Gambits. They also gain a brief sneaking ability to greater facilitate the execution of ambushes. The chart presented here shows the special moves — gambits — available to the warden, a character class in Turbine's RPGMMO Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO). Don’t worry! The second, Warden’s Taunt, is denoted by a yellow fist in the gambit panel and provides a small DoT effect combined with a slight increase in threat. I actually had to transfer all my stuff to a new toon after the change to how gambits work with stances. However, by performing two in a row, then executing the gambit, you’ll perform the maneuver Deft Strike, a higher damage melee attack. Gambit Default: Melee: 30m: 1: Level 1 Updates with current gambit as icons are added to the Gambit Display. For The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Move the Warden's Gambit bar? This article will give a brief introduction to the class, as well as an overview of their unique combat style: the gambit. Same way I felt when I tried warden I didn't make it to lol 5. it takes a special kind of patience to play a warden. Going pure Way of the Spear makes the Warden a hard-hitting beast, though he will not likely ever be on-par with a Champion in a DPS contest. Once the gambit is executed, the panel is cleared and ready for the next maneuver. They’re listed on the third tab at the class trainer, categorized by their type, which is determined by the first icon in the chain. Join. Dedicated to The Lord of the Rings Online, the MMORPG based on Professor J.R.R. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. About This Game In The Lord of the Rings Online™, join the world’s greatest fellowship of players in the award-winning online re-creation of J. R. R. Tolkien’s legendary Middle-earth.From the crumbling, shadowed ruins of Weathertop to the ageless, golden wood of Lothlórien, immerse yourself in Middle-earth as you have never seen it before. Warden tanking for dummies - Set up your quickslots as follows and type 1234567890- repeatedly: 1 Shield; 2 Spear; 3 Gambit Default - will do Persevere, 4 Shield; 5 Spear; 6 Shield; 7 Gambit - will do Safeguard. Warden is a lot of fun, but heaven help you if you ever take a break from the character. The Warden is a versatile and self-sustaining combo-based class using gambits. I find it like riding a bike it does not take very long to remember the gambit chains. I do miss the that leach of conviction though, but I don't miss being used to get kin mates through survival barrow downs, running in circles tossing out a conviction every 15 seconds or so for an hour was a bit boring. It covers elements integral to Wardens between levels 1-10. This guy Wardens. These factors serve to make the class incredibly capable in solo combat, though their role in a group certainly cannot be discounted. Along these same lines, wardens are able to learn a skill that enables them to move extremely quickly out of combat, at the cost of greatly reduced maximum power while doing so. This allows the player to build more and more complex gambits as they level up, usually by adding another icon to a previously mastered chain. Tolkien's beloved fantasy series. Dedicated to The Lord of the Rings Online, the MMORPG based on Professor J.R.R. It's a waltz in the park: 123,123,123. Check out this wiki page. Beorning is growing on me, though. Rather than surviving through high armor value based mitigation, as guardians do, wardens rely primarily on avoidance, self-heals over time, and a higher DPS to see themselves through battles. The Warden class in the Lord of the Rings Online (introduced with the new Mines of Moria expansion) is, all things considered, a blast to play. In other words, a chain that begins with a Quick Thrust is a Spear Gambit, and basically involves dealing melee damage. But I keep hearing warden is the best class to solo most of content, but I can’t get the hang of him and am not a huge fan of the gambit system. Reversal (132) - this Gambit removes 1 corruption. Well done. Key features: A simulator for building and executing Gambits. Their skill and knowledge of their weapons enables them to complete incredible weapon combinations, called Gambits, that can deal extra damage, increase aggro, or even heal themselves. The Warden is a powerful defender of good, combining aspects of the Guardian and Champion. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Do a similar thing with a DoT sequence on your shift line, for when you're not taking much damage. Share Followers 0. The goal of the guide is to deliver up-to-date information on the class and give beginners and experienced players alike an idea of how to optimally play their Warden. LOTRO Basics is a website that has all of the Lord of the Rings Online guides you need! Simply click the skills in order to execute it. Gambit Dmg DoT AoE Pote Int MTap CR Buff Debuff PoT HoT Grp Threat SI CC Ranged Deft Strike: Jav Jav Pote Ranged Boot: Comm Jav Int Ranged Onslaught: Jav Jav * Int Ranged Wall of Steel: Jav Jav * Int Ranged The Dark Before Dawn: Jav Jav PoT Ranged Power Attack: Jav Jav Ranged Mighty Blow: Jav Jav Ranged Unerring Strike: Jav Jav lol. Grab a brew and settle down - I hope you enjoy! I have a true boner for my blue line dw champion tank, but hot damn if my captain alt hasn't been a ridiculous amount of fun to level. This is a one-page printable list of warden gambits--great reference! Warden is a lot of fun, but heaven help you if you ever take a break from the character. Below is a link to my Warden gambit cheat sheet, with gambits current for Helm's Deep 12.2. Introduction Warden Companion for The Lord of the Rings Online™ is designed to enable Warden players to practice Gambits and Gambit rotations at any time and place. Within the next few levels, you’ll learn the other two basic skills for Gambit building. Gambits consist of three basic skills, often shortened to Spear, Shield, and Fist, which are utilized in different combinations to build the final maneuver. Initially, the panel consists of just two boxes, but as you level up, it will expand up to a maximum of five boxes. . The real meat of the warden class is the gambit system, through which a majority of combat maneuvers are performed. Tolkien's beloved fantasy series. ** WardenEase creates three bars that hold all of your gambits and another bar with quickslots. Game: The Lord … Once you get the habits formed and the muscle memory in your fingers, you've got Warden down, really. Chains beginning with Shield-Bash are Shield Gambits, which are primarily defensive and healing maneuvers, and chains beginning with Warden’s Taunt are Fist Gambits, or threat builders. But let’s start at the beginning. Going back to a Warden and not remembering the gambits is a nightmare (might be speaking from personal experience). It took some time to relearn, but it wasn't too bad. Online. Wardens were also designed to be rather capable at ranged combat as well. 4 years ago. The effects of each gambit are encoded using icons that represent a variety of effects. Until then, though, you're fumbling around like a drunk teenager and her first girlfriend. I was explaining it all to her to try and get it all to stick in my head better. Each gambit shows the order of attacks needed using a shield, spear, or fist icon. Gameplay in 2019 of the Warden class in the Lord of of the Rings Online (LOTRO) on all specs. I've had a slightly different experience. The doubles (spear spear, shield shield, etc) are on the top bar. The very first skill that you acquire is Quick Thrust, also known as the “Spear” attack because it adds a red spear icon to your gambit panel. I just wanted to share some insight in to the world of the tanking Warden, and hope that you can find at least one helpful piece of information in here. Warden is a class that need some dedication to play as. After all, as the defenders of the wilderness, it definitely helps to be able to get there quickly. 227. I have 3 docked bars above and fill the first 3 slots with spear masteries, shield masteries, and fist masteries respectively. As you progress in levels, in addition to training active and passive skills as you would with any other class, don’t forget to train your gambits as well. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. 33.0k. it's not like turbine/standingstonegames has added more gambits... three possible chains either spear or shield or shout gambits. Wearing only Medium armor, they still are very good in the Tank role, making up for their lower armor with higher agility. Some of the changes make the class feel a bit better, to me at least. I've been using this myself since 2012. Once you enter the world as a fresh-faced warden ready for battle, you’ll notice a new element to the user interface: the. The real meat of the warden class is the gambit system, through which a majority of combat maneuvers are performed. It can be a bit difficult at first to remember and learn all the different gambits, i had to write them down when I first started. 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Instead of using the usual bows and crossbows, they are the sole class with the ability to use javelins. Warden is a character class in Lord of the Rings Online. If you haven't levelled enough for all 3 gambits, just spam Persevere.