The extensive use of expensive, imported colored marble emphasized imperial power and wealth. Period. Plan of Trajan's Forum. Trajan. At the back of this the Trajan column was elevated between the two Libraries, and it was believed that the complex concluded with the Temple dedicated to Divo Trajan. We have already looked at the Forum of Julius Caesar, with its Temple of Venus Genetrix. Although the walls of the forum of Trajan and the forum of Augustus seem to have been separated by a short distance, they must have been connected by a wide avenue at least, and thus Caesar’s plan of connecting the forum Romanum and the campus Martius was finally carried out. Function. Imperial Roman. Date. Originally held an equestrian monument dedicated to Trajan … Trajan’s Forum is the most magnificent and spectacular of the Imperial Forums in Rome, the last in chronological order.. The Forum of Trajan has a more complicated foundation than the other Imperial Forums. - [Steven] This Imperial Forum with it's large open courtyard, with its basilica, with its libraries, with its column with its temple, would have been a civic space. We have looked at the Forum of Augustus, with its Temple of Mars Ultor. Along the piazza's north side was the Basilica Ulpia, and north of that was a smaller piazza, with a temple dedicated to the deified Trajan on the far north side facing inwards. 106 - 112 AD. Apollodorus of Damascus. commemorate Trajan's Victory. The forum's ornamentation combined symbols of Trajan's Dacian victories with … Temples were always part of forum complexes, but Trajan died before he could build it, but it was built by the succeeding Emperor Hadrian who built it in honor of the deified Trajan. The model measures approximately 270 m 2, and is regularly updated depending on the new discoveries.. Trajan’s Forum. Patron. Ammianus Marcellinus called the Forum "a construction unique under the heavens, as we believe, and admirable even in the unanimous opinion of the gods." Architect. The Column is also visible in the model below behind the Basilica Ulpia of the Forum of Trajan (the forum itself dominates the view in … Rome, Italy. Note that the traditional site of the temple of the deified Trajan is shown, but is replaced by a shrine located at the southern side of the forum’s main square (following R. Meneghini) (image: CC BY-SA 3.0, annotated by Smarthistory) The plan of Rome in the IV th century AD, made by Paul Bigot, detail - the area of the Forum of Trajan, MRSH, University of Caen (France).The plan of Rome in the IVth century AD, made by Paul Bigot, detail - the area of the Forum of Trajan, MRSH, University of Caen (France). Name. Plan of the Forum of Trajan. The piazza is closed, with the Basilica Ulpia. The complex of the Forum, inaugurated in 112 AD, was a celebration of the triumph of the Emperor Trajan over the Daci barbarians, people who lived in the regions of present day Romania.. Credits: photo by Markus Bernet, 07/13/2004 The plan above shows the location of the Column in a colonnaded courtyard placed between flanking libraries and the immense Basilica Ulpia. It’s important for us to look back at the general plan of the Imperial Fora, to see where the Forum of Trajan fits in. Built with riches collected from Trajan's victory over the Dacians. Location. Trajan's Forum was intended as a visual realization of its builder's political propaganda. Forum Romanum, Forum of Trajan, Forum of Augustus, Forum of Nerva, Forum of Vespasian Roman (ancient) ; architect: Apollodoros of Damascus (Roman (ancient), died … Forum of Trajan plan / Wikimedia Commons. The section of the Museum dedicated to the Forum of Trajan is found in the lower section of the Markets of Trajan. Forum of Trajan.