Numerous sources previously in place in this article identified the painter Karl or Carl von Merode as her father, now he is 'her uncle' on the say-so of one of the aforementioned user-generated genealogical websites. Artist … The article says she was born 27 September 1875; however, Find a Grave has 5 May 1874. This article is of interest to the following WikiProjects: WikiProject Women's History (Rated Start-class, Low-importance) The URL makes no mention whatever of Cleo de Merode. She then taught ballet before retiring in 1965 at 90 years old. The picture of his gravestone is merely that, and again doesn't offer any convincing evidence of a relationship between Christomannos and Cleo de Merode. The URL mentions no sources, and gives no impression of itself being a reliable source. She was engaged to a French aristocrat for nearly ten years before he died of Typhoid fever in 1904, and she was the companion of the Spanish sculptor and diplomat Luis de Périnat, Marquis de Périnat (1872–1923) from 1906 to 1919.[10]. Because the King had had two children with a woman reputed to be a prostitute, Mérode's reputation suffered, and she had to live with it for the rest of her life. Karl von Merode WAS confidently stated as her father last year, but it was also stated that her name was Cléopatra and not Cléopâtre-Diane, which was, in fact, her real name. Cléopatra Diane de Mérode was born in Paris, France, Europe. Explore {{searchView.params.phrase}} by color family {{familyColorButtonText(}} Cléo de Mérode, 1903. The portrait of Cléo de Mérode (1875-1966), a fashionable dancer, is produced almost entirely in aquatint printed as broad planes and shapes of color that simplify and flatten the figure and define a shallow space. As for all the random user-generated genealogical websites, their use is consistently deprecated on Wikipedia so there appears no reason to endorse their use here. Even if you look at photos of him as a young man the resemblance is uncanny. In Vienna, her beauty caught the attention of painter Gustav Klimt, whose primary focus was on female sexuality. Jan 11, 2020 - Explore Connie Ernst's board "cleo de merode" on Pinterest. It is cut almost to the waist, and may explain the flexibility of her body when in her street dress she throws it back. Cléopatra Diane de Mérode was born in Paris, on 27th September 1875, the daughter of the Austrian landscape painter, Karl von Merode (1853-1909). Cléo de Mérode was born in Paris, France, on 27 September 1875. [7], In 1950, de Mérode sued Simone de Beauvoir for libel for calling her a courtesan in her book The Second Sex. Cléo de Mérode (1875–1966), French dancer of the Belle Époque Prince Alexandre de Mérode (1934–2002), head of drug testing policy for the IOC Emmanuel de Merode (born 1970), Director of Virunga National Park, Democratic Republic of the Congo de Mérode became renowned for her glamour even more than for her dancing skills, and her image began appearing on such things as postcards and playing cards. If she left an inscription on his grave (which one of your other sources notes to have been "anonymous"- please explain this discrepancy?) Her corset is high in front and very low in the back. The user-generated genealogical sites are, as previously mentioned, not accepted as proof of fact on Wikipedia. 3 talking about this. [6] In 1895, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec did her portrait, as would Charles Puyo, Alfredo Muller, and Giovanni Boldini. ), 2 september 1887 - Eerbeek, 22 may 1939), a Dutch poet. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 20:04, 21 July 2019 (UTC). Therefore whilst it is presumably possible for such a connection to exist, the claim cannot reasonably be made in the article proper. [4][5] She was raised Catholic. Nicknamed Cléo, at age eight she was sent to study dance and made her professional debut at age eleven. [Official Fanpage] Belle Epoque Dancer Cléopâtre-Diane de Mérode It is a journalist's personal website, designed to present the history of Bolzano, and as such represents his original research in the absence of provision of any reliable published sources based upon which he arrived at these conclusions. de Mérode won the lawsuit, and the passage was taken out of the book. The painter belonged to a famous Belgian noble family 'de Mérode'. ", - Give a citation for a published source making reference to this grave situation/ a clear photograph (which would be at least a start). "Make an account if you're so gung-ho about this you retard. Cléopatra Diane de Mérode (naskiĝinta en la 27-a de septembro 1875 en Parizo, mortinta en la 17-a de oktobro 1966 samloke) estis franca dancisto dum Belle Époque.Ŝi estis la filino de la aŭstra pentristo Carl von Merode.. Biografio. de Merode… Ashiyura (talk) 14:46, 24 March 2015 (UTC), I suggest inserting the English translation of the German film title "Frauen der Leidenschaft," Women of Passion, immediately following the text where it occurs. There is a statue of the dancer that decorates her gravestone in Paris. "Added another source since apparently it's hard to believe Vincentia is Cléo's mother despite her name being on the grave Cléo is also buried in. The source for the statement "Her parents were estranged, but her mother continued to receive financial support from de Mérode's father" says nothing about the latter point, but is the only published source currently attached to the article identifying her mother as "a Viennese baroness". I'm glad that it's at least been established that Karl von Merode is NOT her father but in fact her maternal uncle. The cited book "Theodor Christomannos: geniale pioniere del turismo nelle Dolomiti" by Silvano Faggioni, as it doesn't allow even "snippet view", means one can't independently corroborate the alleged relationship to Cleo de Merode. The 61-year-old Belgian king became enamoured with the 21-year-old ballet star, and gossip started that she was his latest mistress. (talk) 20:04, 8 March 2020 (UTC), "Well if you're going to discredit Theodoe Christomannos as being her father despite Cléo leaving an inscription on his grave, at least do the bare minimum by mentioning her mother being Vincentia de Mérode, her name is literally on the same grave Cléo is buried in.". See more ideas about Vintage photos, Belle epoque, Vintage beauty. Paris Archives. In short- this is original research/ synthesis, and is not sufficient to justify definitive statements on the matter, particularly when, as recently as last year, this article confidently stated Carl von Merode to be Cleo's father, with several sources given. For the benefit primarily of User:Velvet-twenties, who in their most recent edit summary claims they "worked very hard to make this page as accurate as possible" [n.b.- Wikipedia is not a personal project; it's open to editing by all] and that removal of these synthesised conclusions means that "another user who is not even registered [n.b.- all editors are equal on Wikipedia, see guidelines please before making remarks of this nature] wants to take that away from me". Browse 38 cleo de merode stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. Photos of Cleo are usually easy to determine, but there is one photo that is so unlike the others that I need to research this a bit more.... See more ideas about cleo, photo, belle epoque. Also, why would a biographical book about Theodor Christomannos claim Cléo as his daughter if that wasn't true?". The cited "Gothaisches genealogisches Taschenbuch der freiherrlichen Häuser, Volume 24" merely shows that a woman called Vincentia, of the Merode family, had a brother Karl. Biography. Private Collection. - It might very well be on the grave- provide a source please, then that piece of information can be considered to have been corroborated. Cléo de Mérode died on 17 October 1966 and was interred in the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris in Division 90. 3 shoe and 5 3/4 gloves. Cléopâtre-Diane de Mérode (27 September 1875 – 17 October 1966) was a French dancer of the Belle Époque.[1]. [8], In 1955, she published her autobiography, Le Ballet de ma vie (The Dance of My Life). Histrionic and inappropriate accusations aside, the following will indicate the reasons for removal of this original research: The first source, for her mother, doesn't say anything but "she was born in Paris in 1875, to a Viennese baroness estranged from the child's father". Nothing conclusive identifies either of these people. Vincentia was estranged … Nevertheless, she became an international star, performing across Europe and in the United States. Willem de Mérode is the pseudonym of Willem Eduard Keuning (Saito (GN. Her performance gained her a whole new following. Cléo de Mérode; Wikipedia:Wikiproject/Belgische podiumkunsten/Dans Vrouwen in rood/ListeriaBot/Blauwe linken; Usage on Q242001; Metadata. P.J. Vincentia's younger brother was the landscape artist Karl Freiherr von Merode (born Carl Johann Joseph Vitus de Mérode, 1853–1909). A statue of her by Luis de Périnat, mourning her mother, who is interred in the same plot, decorates the gravestone. [2] She was the illegitimate[3] daughter of Viennese Baroness Vincentia Maria Cäcilia Catharina de Mérode (1850–1899). Cléo de Mérode was born in Paris, France, on 27 September 1875. #2179. She was the illegitimate daughter of Viennese Baroness Vincentia Maria Cäcilia Catharina de Mérode (1850–1899). Vincentia was estranged from Cléo's father. It is the ballet dancer's corset applied to everyday use. ☺ Dick Kimball (talk) 16:31, 16 March 2016 (UTC), There seem to be several contradictory accounts for her parentage; I don't think the sources provided at present are of sufficient quality to justify the presentation of the information that currently stands as being definite fact. Jacques Doucet - Jaquette en Velours de Soie Brodée - Cléo de Mérode (1875-1966), Danseuse et Icône de Beauté Française - Ballet Lorenza aux Folies Bergère en 1901 Cleo De Merode I am still researching the ladies that sat for Giovanni Boldini, Cleo De Merode is the latest subject I have been looking into. The point is that two contrary situations have been confidently presented as representative of fact, as a consequence of which it's less than clear that this new state of affairs- poorly-sourced as it currently is, and involving much synthesis in the absence of specific citations (hint, hint)- is the correct one. Even allowing for other sources for the year of birth of the painter Carl von Merode, which might lead to a tentative conclusion that he is the same as the Karl shown here, doesn't solidly establish that his sister was Vincentia, mother of Cleo de Merode, since no other reliable sources establish that to be the identity of the mother of Cleo de Merode. [citation needed]At the age of eight, Cléo was sent to study dance and made her professional debut at age eleven. - My, how ill-mannered. Photograph by Léopold Reutlinger, 1901 (ballet Lorenza), Cléo de Mérode in three different poses (from Le Théâtre, décembre 1898). A particular new hairstyle she chose to wear became the talk of Parisian women and was quickly adopted as a popular style for all. 0 references. Her fame was such that Alexandre Falguière sculpted The Dancer in her image, which today can be seen in the Musée d'Orsay. Available for sale from Christopher-Clark Fine Art, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, CLÉO DE MÉRODE (1898), Original lithograph printed in black ink on beige wov… Mar 3, 2019 - Cleo was considered by many people to be one of the great beauties of her time. [citation needed], de Mérode continued to dance until her early fifties, when she retired to the seaside resort of Biarritz in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques département of France. Jaffe, Aaron, and Goldman, Jonathan (2010). Cléopâtre-Diane de Mérode (París, 27 de setembre de 1875 - 17 d'octubre de 1966).Fou una ballarina d'origen belga coneguda com a Cléo de Mérode. A biographical book about Theodor Christomannos may well make the claim, well-founded or otherwise- you must provide a specific citation. Vincentia was the daughter of Baron Ferdinand Vincenz de Mérode (1803–1866) and Countess Constance Eleonore Vincentia Emilia Berchtold von und zu Ungarschitz(1826–1855). Cleo de Merode wears a No. En la aĝo de ok, Cléo estis sendita por studi dancon kaj faris sian profesian debuton en la aĝo de dek unu.

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